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Ellumiere 12 volt Garden Lighting
The Ellumiere range of garden lighting is a simple and safe 12 volt garden lighting system which can bring a quite magical atmosphere to any garden or outdoor space in just three simple steps... Step 1 choose your lights... Choose your lights and work out where you are going to position them Step 2 choose the cables you need by measuring between the position of each of your lights and remember to add one T piece connector for each light Step 3 Get a Transformer... a single transformer can run up to 12 lights of any type Then just plug in and enjoy
Lumena Garden Lighting
Lumena is a stunning range of garden lighting that we have used in our projects for years and always has the ability to add that little bit of style at the same time as creating wonderful lighting effects. It is a complete range including 12 volt Lights, Solar Lights, Copper Lights, Brass Lights, Stainless Steel Lights and so much more

All you need is a little inspiration and...