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Spotlight Starter Kit ( inc 4 spotlights)
in stock
This brilliant starter kit gets you all you need to start off your garden lighting scheme, including the transformer, cables, connectors and your first four spotlights... and you're on your way...the system can have up to 8 extra lights of any type added to it, enabling your garden lighting to grow with your imagination
Step 1...Black Spotlight Large
in stock
This powerful 3 watt LED spotlight is up to lighting any part of your garden from large trees to patios
Step 1...Black Spotlight Small
in stock
This is a lovely, small and discreet spotlight that packs a powerful 2 watt LED punch... perfect for lighting planting and pathways
Step 1...Bollard Light - Black
in stock
Bollard path light in black finish, subtle in appearance yet powerful enough to light paths and patios
Step 1...Bollard Light Stainless Steel
in stock
Bollard light in stainless steel finish... ideal for lighting paths and patios with that extra little bit of style
Step 1...Stainless Steel Spotlight
in stock
This is a sleek and stylish spotlight that comes with a powerful 2 watt LED bulb, delivers performance with style
Step 2...Automatic Light Sensor
in stock
This automatic light sensor can be set to turn your garden lights on and off to suit you and take away the hassle of you having to remember
Step 2...Extension Cable 1 metre
in stock
1 metre long extension cable
Step 2...Extension Cable 10 Metre
in stock
Extension cable 10 metre long
Step 2...Extension Cable 2 metre
in stock
Extension cable 2 metre long
Step 2...Extension Cable 5 Metre
in stock
5 metre long extension cable
Step 2...T-Piece Connector
in stock
The T Piece connector is what you need to connect your lights to the cable supplying the 12 volt power. You will need one T piece connector for every light except for the last one... ie if you have 5 spotlights you will need 4 T piece connectors
Step 3...Transformer 12 volt
in stock
12 volt Transformer to power your lights (Up to 12 lights)
Water feature Aquapro Lights (Set of 3)
in stock
Set of 3 12 volt LED spotlights for lighting your water features including transformer... all you need

All you need is a little inspiration and...