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Beacon Solid Brass Bollard/Path Light 560mm
in stock
The Beacon is a very high quality solid brass Bollard Light with a lovely traditional feel and would grace any pathway
Obelisk Contemporary Bollard Path Light Aluminium
in stock
Simple yet striking contemporary Bollard Path Light in Aluminium and finished in Graphite Black with the bulb hidden up inside the central cut out and illuminating the centre and throwing out a lovely diffused wash of light
Stellus Pathos 500 - 500mm Stainless Steel Bollard Light
in stock
Contemporary Stainless Steel Bollard light that throws a subtle wash of light all around it, making it perfect for illuminating pathways and surrounding low planting
Stellus Pathos 800 - 800mm Stainless Steel Bollard Light
in stock
Striking 800mm High Stainless Steel Bollard Light to complement any contemporary scheme, throws a lovely wash of light all around it, perfect for Paths and Low Planting

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